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Professional Recruitment Services Finding Australia’s Best Talent


Finding the people you’re looking for to build the team you need. Horner specialises in sourcing qualified and experienced people to suit a range of diverse roles and industries. From administrative personnel to management roles, we ensure that your organisation is using the best the market has to offer at every level.

You know your business; we know ours. Engaging Horner’s professional recruitment services allows savvy companies to save money and time when they need talent to help drive their business forwards. We connect you with talent Australia wide for a range of roles such as:

  • Administration
  • Office Support
  • Operations
  • Accounts
  • Finance
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Call and Contact Centres
  • Management
  • Procurement
  • Purchasing

We pride ourselves on delivering commercial recruitment services built on real relationships. With more than four decades of experience in the commercial world, there’s no one who understands the specific needs of your business better than us.


Young female with dark shoulder length hair in a black corporate dress with pearls sitting typing on a SurfacePro at desk in an office smiling at middle aged man in foreground,Our close, long-standing ties with local industry and our extensive talent networks give our recruiters access to the very best professionals the city has to offer. Whether you’re looking to make a permanent addition to your team or simply meet a short-term staffing need, expect the same high-quality, diligent service from Horner.

With management and leadership positions a specialty, finding the right individual to help set the culture of your organisation and drive it towards new successes is simpler than ever. A thorough needs analysis will ensure that we’re aligning our search for talent closely with your company’s goals and requirements, ensuring the perfect fit for all staff – leadership and otherwise.

Don’t take risks when it comes to success, put your people in the hands of Horner and see how our commercial recruitment services can transform the way you do things.


Case Study: Office Support Recruitment Solutions

For the last three years, Horner has assisted a Melbourne CBD-based financial services organisation in securing key talent for senior roles. The need for precision and thoroughness in our recruitment process was keen – this organisation provided a range of accounting, taxation and financial planning advice to high net worth individuals, meaning that the talent we provided had to be capable of performing a demanding job.

Horner embarked on a comprehensive needs analysis, spending extensive time onsite with the client to get a sense for the interdependencies of the organisation structure. Discussions with employees, attending strategic direction briefings, close studies of the office culture and an in-depth understanding of their client-base all informed our search.

This comprehensive approach paid dividends. Our careful modelling of their needs and goals helped us narrow the list of candidates significantly, dramatically reducing time spent during the recruitment process.

Horner put only the right people in front of them. Leveraging a selection of psychometric tools, we were able to identify the right candidates while providing the company with insight on how to best manage and develop the skills of each one.

Horner raises the bar in recruitment, delivering end-to-end commercial recruitment services that are tailored to the specific needs of your organisation. We don’t just deliver the right candidate – we deliver peace of mind. Our careful approach involves planning exactly how we source, recruit and on-board candidates to meet our client’s specific requirements, delivering a result that enhances your company at every level. It’s all part of our quality guarantee.

Contact us for Administration & Office Support Recruitment 

Choose the experts delivering a 360° solution for your HR and recruitment needs. To book a complimentary appointment to discuss your service options or to simply learn more about Horner’s award winning recruitment services, speak to one of our dedicated recruitment consultants today.
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